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    05 jun, 08

    Predeterminado Language Exchange

    Anyone want to find a language exchange partner?

    I can speak english and chinese,and I want to learn spanish.

    If you are interesting in it ,can you leave your message here?

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    Forero Experto Avatar de dragonfly
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    30 mar, 07

    Predeterminado Re: Language Exchange

    Hi prola
    Welcome to monografí
    Hope to enjoy it and find some other people to share your knowledge...
    One of the best way to learn a language it's practising the reading, so I invite you to read the others forums so you can help yourself. If there is anything we can help, don't hesitate and make a question...
    Have a good day...
    Majestad Dragonfly
    Mis deseos son órdenes... Om Shanti
    Cueva, cueva, cueva!!!... moviendo ficha!!!

    KAJURUTONG (sin fines de lucro)
    Think green

    Nunca dejes de sonreír, ni siquiera cuando estés triste, no sabes quién pueda enamorarse de tu sonrisa.

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    18 jun, 07

    Predeterminado Re: Language Exchange

    ...And I want to learn english! Mi english is very basic, but... but... but is usefull.

    I can exchange my language, with you.


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