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    Emeric, the first time some one told me " put it back " when I was holding an object, I didn't know what it meant, so I flipped thing over! I put the thing upside down! imagine me....The lady looked at me and said, "no, put it back"...Then I finally understood when she said "put it away where it was before", hahahaha.....

    Let's see...What about these...

    Fill it up

    Fill it out

    hahaha.... I definitely love Spanish
    No *****

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    The particle "up" (adverb) is used to show "completion" in most of the cases, for instance "to end up".

    To end up doing something = terminar (al fin) haciendo algo

    You see that we could have said just "to end doing something" but in this case the meaning would have been different, so we need the "up" to show the meaning that we have reached some point in the end, that we have accomplished some purpose we had in the beginning.
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