Ver la versión completa : Rabino GAY lucha (en vano) para que sus colegas DESCARTEN Lev. 18:22

23/05/2013, 12:02
¡ Increíble, pero verídico ! :nod:

Se llama Ron Yosef, reveló su heterofobia :scared: al público en el 2009, y reivindica que el mandamiento de Lev. 18:22 :

"No te echarás con varón como con mujer; es ABOMINACIóN",

sea simple y llanamente ignorado. :doh:

¡ Qué utopía, la suya !!! :crazy:

¡ Menudo rabino que PISOTEA :smash: la Torah !!! :drama:


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Ron Yosef

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"Rabbi Ron Yosef (Hebrew: רון יוסף) is the founder of the Israeli organization Hod, which represents Israeli gay and lesbian Orthodox Jews. His organization has layed a central role in the recent reevaluation of the role of religious homosexuals in the Israeli Religious Zionist movement.

Yosef began to become aware of his sexual identity in his early twenties. He at first left his faith behind, moving to irreligious Tel Aviv. However he soon returned to traditional Judaism, continuing his studies in yeshiva and eventually obtaining semichah. For many years Yosef served as a rabbi in Netanya, concealing his sexual orientation. Initially, Rabbi Ron Yosef was known publicly only by his first name, thereby showing the delicate situation of homosexuals in the Jewish Orthodox community in Israel. However, In April 2009, he became the first Israeli orthodox Rabbi to come out, by appearing in Uvda ("Fact"), Israel's leading investigative television program. Yosef remains in his position as a pulpit Rabbi.

Yosef received death threats in the year leading up to the 2009 Tel Aviv gay centre shooting.
Yosef has stated his approach to the issue of homosexuality in Judaism as follows: "It is clear to me that lying with another man is forbidden, and our starting point is commitment to halacha and Torah. The goal is not to seek permission. But you need to give us a shoulder and support."

Regarding conversion therapy, Yosef states that "...it is possible to sustain a religious life even with a homosexual orientation [without conversion therapy]", although all options "...should be examined."

On recent attempts to pairs religious gay men with lesbian women, Yosef stated that "What they did is problematic. Presenting it as the main option is wrong. It must be stressed that they [sic] are several solutions, and that each person should find the suitable way for himself. However, the initiative does include a positive aspect – that finally people are not trying to conceal and ignore the issue."


Wikipedia no ha publicado esto en español. :noidea:

03/06/2013, 16:00
Les informo que también hay cristopaulinos que opinan lo mismo que ese rabino, y que propagan la idea de que el A.T. y también el N.T. no condenan la homosexofilia. :doh:

03/06/2013, 17:17
Pienso que jamás va a obtener quorum por parte de la colectividad judía ortodoxa... jamás. Atenta contra preceptos básicos de la Torah...

03/06/2013, 17:30
Pienso que jamás va a obtener quorum por parte de la colectividad judía ortodoxa... jamás. Atenta contra preceptos básicos de la Torah...Cierto. Pero no es de descartar que logre convencer a los más liberales.