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17/12/2010, 09:49
Hi, everyone! One of the most frustrating things to learn are all the various uses of ' to get'. Once you learn it properly, you may consider yourself an excellent English speaker.

'Get' is used as a verb by itself with various meanings. One of the most difficult areas of usage is how 'get' combines with prepositions for form phrasal verbs. Add to these problems the variations in colloquial usage and you have got ;-) a recipe for confusion!

Below is a list of principal usage/meaning of 'to get'

1.To receive

I got a book for my birthday.

2.To earn

I get $7 an hour.

3.To bring or fetch

Can you get that book for me?

4.To understand

Do you get the lesson?

5.To be affected by, or catch

He got a cold last week.

6.To catch or take

I got the 4.55 train to New York.

7.To communicate with

I got him by phone.

8.To have a strong effect on

That film really got me.

9.To capture or seize

The police got him at the station.

There are other meanings ... as a phrasal verb and the colloquial usage. If you are interested, I will publish them all in a second part.

Well, good luck!

carolina villa
13/05/2011, 16:07
Mmmm... Ok, I "get it". :roll:

20/10/2011, 19:10
I can't get no satisfaction ... :whoo: