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15/06/2010, 16:21
Have you heard about speaking Globish ?

16/06/2010, 12:45
No, I don`t.

carolina villa
16/06/2010, 12:50

16/06/2010, 13:21
After ran a quick search in Google, I found wath are you talking about, Global English; Globish, a sinthetized and fast method to learn basic english, with a few hundreds of words vocabulary, with this tool, you can talk in english with anyone around the world, Globish is easy, Try It Now!

carolina villa
16/06/2010, 13:37
Dang! Are you in the business?

16/06/2010, 17:12
A few minutes ago, I was viewing a video by Mr. Jean-Paul Nerriere, the French businessman who first codified what he calls Globish (Global English Language vocabulary). He shares with us his linguistic viewpoint on learning and using the English vocabulary that is really needed to communicate every day world-wide. You can watch that Youtube video right now. Bye ! :yo:

17/06/2010, 05:18
More information about Globish :


Sea U. :yo: