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30/04/2009, 17:58
Hi, this is an interesting and very important news about Chlid Abuse

Child abuse is wrong and is detrimental to the well being of any kid.
The media doesn't normally cover the subject often enough to really inform the population about the subject.
To help kids learn that they don't have to hide that they were abused, and that they do have someone to run to if they need to.
To help inform kids that there are other kids just like them.
What to do if you gain knowledge of abusive acts.

Each week, CPS (child protective services) agencies recieve over 50,000 reports of neglect or types of Child abuse. It's not a light subject. Many aren't aware of how traumatic abuse can be to a child. It can change their life in a matter of an instant. This group is geared towards raising awareness in the matter and to make an effort to help stop abuse. If you join, we ask that you PLEASE invite ANYONE you know. This is for a good cause, just think, by doing this, you're helping kids across the nation and the world, who are being abused each day.

If you have any suggestions, comments, fund raising ideas, stories, projects, etc, PLEASE EMAIL THEM TO SocietyAgainstChildAbuse@gmail.com (SocietyAgainstChildAbuse@gmail.com)

SACA (Society Against Child Abuse) and all the children who are or been abused, will be grateful for it.

If someone of you possesses knowledge of a case, please report it to them.

If you know the site or place where the denunciations are reported in your country, PLEASE, also leaves the information here.

Thanks a lot... ♥

30/04/2009, 18:28
In my country (EL Salvador) you can contact this institution: ISNA (Instituto Salvadoreño para la Niñez y la Adolescencia).