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10/07/2008, 01:04
Hoy tengo ganas de llorar, y en tremendas formas, por razones que en nada atan~en estos foros.
Pero quiero dedicarle un poema muy querido mio, a aquellos que dicen de uno que es 'ciego', simplemente por que uno ve diferente, o porque son ellos los que no ven lo que uno.

Lo escribio Colley Cibber, se llama 'The blind boy":

O, say what is that thing called light,
which I must ne'er enjoy?
What are the blessings of the sight,
O tell your poor blind boy!

You talk of wondrous things you see
You say the sun shines bright;
I feel him warm, but how can he
or make it day or night?

My day or night myself I make
Whene'er I sleep or play;
And could I ever keep awake
With me 't were always day.

With heavey sighs I often hear
you mourn my hapless woe;
But sure with patience I can bear
a loss I ne'er can know.

Then let not what I cannot have
My cheer of mind destroy:
Whilst thus I sing, I am a king,
Although a poor blind boy.

18/07/2008, 22:56
I haven't see this... precious... real precious...
Who wrote it?