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25/05/2007, 19:00
I've been watching the British version of the Office and I find it very hard to understand; not only because of their slang and local jokes, but because of their hard core accent! Even my husband, a native English speaker, struggles with the jokes...Sometimes he would just look at me and say "I did not catch anything at all"...

The actor that plays Tim, Martin Freeman; it's the one the I understand most of all, maybe that it's because since he has done a lot of US movies & tv shows he tries to speak clearer. Don't know, it's my guess...The most difficult one for me is Dawn (Lucy Davis)...Gosh she speaks like if she has a mouth full of little balls.

I do like the British version, but I love the American version....It's in fact my favorite show...

Have a wonderful day :wink:

06/05/2008, 05:58
she speaks like if she has a mouth full of little balls.or full of a hot potatoe ... :laugh:

13/06/2008, 19:45
I once visited London and it was really hard for me to understand what some English workers were telling me :

For instance, they would say to me : "This way, place" ... :faint:

Well, they actually meant : "This way, please", but they really pronounced "place". :doh: